Wall Drying

Experience Seattle’s best and most effective Wall Drying system.

When you experience a flood, it is easy for water to get up into your walls without you ever seeing it. Water can travel through any small crack, spreading and invading. Once inside, it can cause drywall to swell and warp. In some cases, severe water damage can even cause wallboard to collapse and fall apart. Water can harbor mold and bacteria that can discolor walls and even make your family sick. You need to act quickly with a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company like Premier

Specialty Wall Drying System

We have offered water damage restoration services in Seattle since 1996. In that time, we have studied the best wall drying techniques all over the country. We continue our education to ensure that you are always getting state of the art service to remove water from your home and to ensure that no further damage occurs.

We use Injectidry, a top of the line moisture removal system. This industrial grade system is designed specifically for quickly drying ceilings and walls. Often, all water is removed in just a few days.

All of our technicians are conscientious and highly trained to ensure that they get the job done right. We have been serving customers in the Seattle area for over 20 years and will do anything possible to provide the best possible customer service. We are able to work with every insurance company that services the Seattle area. Our company has experience making sure that you can get the services you want through your insurance at a price that keeps your costs low.

Our wall drying services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer the flood restoration Seattle homeowners and businesses trust. If you have a flooding issue in your home or business, contact us right away. When you wait, you risk further damage to your home. We can get out there right away to perform a free water damage restoration assessment and begin wall drying and other services to get your home dry and restore any water damage and get you r Seattle Home or Office good as new.