Full Mitigation Drying

Water Damage Repair- Full Mitigation Drying

















Critical to Water Damage Repair, Full Mitigation Drying will remove all moisture and contaminants from your home.

In cases of flooding that involve sources like sewer lines, water that has been standing five days or more and other extreme issues, we must perform what is known as full mitigation drying. These flooding situations fall into what is known as Category 3: flood water that is highly contaminated and can cause serious illness upon exposure.

Bacteria and mold can begin growing as soon as 48 hours after an area becomes flooded. A combination of factors can come together to make microorganism growth more likely:

  • time; anywhere from hours to days.
  • a source of food for organisms. In houses, this comes in the form of is abundantly available in the form of paper, wood and other materials.
  • moderate temperature. Organisms thrive between the temperatures of 68 and 86 degrees.
  • moisture or high humidity.
  • stagnant air. This means that moist air, floors and walls can’t dry.

When one or more of these factors is present, contamination soon follows. It is vital to act quickly in order to save your home from further damage.

At Premier, we are highly skilled in dealing with these Category 3 situations. Since 2003, we have worked in emergency water removal for our clients in the Seattle area. If you have Category 3 flooding in your home, it is important to act quickly.

We use top of the line water extraction tools to remove all moisture and contaminants from your home. Our conscientious and highly trained staff will clean up all grime and contaminants. If necessary, we will remove and dispose of damaged carpet and drywall. Then, we will disinfect and thoroughly clean the area.

We are available to assess your situation and provide a free quote anytime day or night. Call now to begin full mitigation drying in your Seattle area home.