Emergency Water Extraction in Seattle

water extraction seattleA broken washer, a burst pipe, a leaking toilet or a heavy Seattle rainfall can cause water to invade your home. Left untreated, it can cause damage to flooring and carpet, the subfloors beneath and the walls of your home. Excess moisture can cause mold damage. Choose Premiere for professional Water Extraction in Seattle WA.

If you experience a flood, it is important to get professional emergency water extraction as soon as possible. The longer water sits, the more chance it has to cause damage to your home. Mold can proliferate quickly, causing staining and damage and even damage to your and your family’s health.

There are a number of categories for water inside your home or business, and we are highly experienced dealing with each one. A Category 1 involves clear water that is free from contamination. Using quick water extraction, we can prevent serious damage from occurring in your Seattle home or office. Category 3, on the other end of the spectrum, involves polluted water such as outdoor flood water that gets into the house, sewage lines or water that has been sitting for five our more days and may harbor mold and bacteria. We assess your issues quickly to help remove water right away and mitigate even the most serious water damage.

As an example, one of our Seattle area customers discovered three inches of standing water in their 25,000 square foot warehouse at 5 am on a Sunday morning. Premiere arrived within one hour to begin the water extraction process. Because of our water extraction process, they were fully dry within three days and back in business. This was a highly successful water damage restoration process.

At Premier, we specialize in all kinds of emergency water extraction. Our technicians are carefully trained to detect moisture in your home or business and efficiently remove and dry floors and walls. We can perform the emergency water removal Seattle homeowners and businesses count on. If you are experience water damage, contact us today.