Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration in Seattle, WA

water damage repair seattleEmergency Water Extraction

This is an example of an emergency water extraction situation. This warehouse had 3 inches of standing water in a 25,000 square foot area that they discovered at 5 am on a Sunday morning. Premier Emergency Water Removal was out within 1 hour extracting the flood water and starting the drying process. All in all, they were back to business and everything was dry in just 3 days.

Water damage restoration was successful.

Specialty Wall Drying SystemSpecialty Wall Drying System

This is an example of a Wall Drying System called Injectidry. With this method, we are able to properly dry wall cavities in place without having to remove any sheet rock. The best way to preform this type of water damage restoration.

We use the most advanced drying equipment when it comes to water damage restoration.

Hardwood DryingHardwood Drying

This is an example of how we are able to dry wood floors when they experience water damage. These are our specialty drying mats with our state of the art Injectidry system. This system uses negative air to create a suction between the floor and the mats to draw water from deep inside every nook and cranny of the flooring.

With this technique, we are able to reverse cupping and damage to wood floors. Wood floors can be very expensive and if not dried properly, these floors would have to be replaced. That can be very expensive obviously.

Full Mitigation DryingFull Mitigation Drying

This picture is an example of a Full Structure Dry-out. This situation would occur when you have a water loss which is considered Category 3.

Category 3 Water includes water from sources like Sewer lines, outside flood waters and, but not limited to; water that has been sitting for 5 or more days and contains bacteria which can support the growth of mold.

Specialty DryingSpecialty Drying

This is an example of a specialty drying situation. Here, we are able to combine the Injectidry system with our Laminar air movers. As you can see, we have removed the base boards and drilled holes in the wall. Now, we can blow air directly into the wall cavity to save the wall with our water damage restoration techniques. Specialty drying helps water damage restoration a lot.

Custom Drying EquipmentCustom Drying

When your home has had a water incursion, professional custom drying is a must. Flood water can seep into carpet pads and intrude between floor boards. It may seem like all of the water has dried, but excess dampness may be hiding where you can’t see it. Where there is water, boards can warp or rot, drywall can expand and mold and bacteria can grow. The damage may be severe before you are ever aware that there is a problem.  Trust Premier Flood Restoration Services.

Emergency Roof TarpsEmergency Roof Tarps

When storms damage your roof, you need a way to ensure that no water gets in to cause further damage. Often, extended rains and waiting on insurance claims can mean holding off on making repairs. In these cases, we can get out right away with emergency roof tarps to take you through the storm.