Specialty Drying

Seattle’s Best Specialty Drying Services

When you have a water incursion in your Seattle home or business, it is imperative that you get thorough clean up and complete water removal. Even small amounts of water left behind can damage wood and offer a hospitable environment for mold and other toxins. Premier Emergency Water Removal is proud to offer comprehensive specialty drying services to residents and businesses in the Seattle area.

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Water Damage Restoration Prep

The Water Damage Restoration service needs to start as fast as possible. We start by removing baseboards and drilling into the wall. This allows us to make channels so that flood water can escape. This process is done in a way that assures that little or no permanent marks are seen after drying is complete.

Specialized Water Removal Equipment

We use the Injectidry system in conjunction with Laminar air moves to completely dry walls, cabinets and floors. Injectidry uses negative air flow to create suction that can pull water out of walls and floors. The system can reverse any cupping that occurs on hardwood floors and prevents warping and rot.
The Laminar air system creates a strong air flow that dries out any hidden water in your walls or floors. This sort of aggressive air drying can remove hidden humidity that can cause drywall to warp, swell or deteriorate or cause issues with flooring.

We test after treatment to assure that all water is thoroughly removed from your home. By treating quickly and completely, we can save you costly repairs or replacements.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist with your emergency water removal situations. Whether you have water in your home from excessive rains, a broken appliance or backed up pipes, we can get there right away to start the specialty water removal services that can prevent extensive damage to your home. The sooner you contact us after a flood, the less water damage you will encounter. Call or Contact us now for a free on-site assessment.