About Us

Premier Service VanIn 1993, we absorbed a local carpet cleaning company known as “Charley’s Carpet Cleaning” That had a good name and had been in business for 38 years! Charley retired and we took over his 3 truck carpet cleaning company. After building that company our customers started calling us when they experienced floods in their homes. We saw a need and decided to fill it! in 1996 we became “Premier Emergency Water Removal”.

We spent years training ourselves and our staff to learn the water damage restoration industry. Attended countless classes all over the country and got signed up with a national flood network called “More Floods” So we would always remain on the cutting edge of the restoration industry. Years later we have become flood damage experts! Specializing in water damage restoration and reconstruction.

We are now one of the “Premier” water removal companies in Seattle Washington and recently in 2012 won an award for being in the top 5% of all contractors in the nation for water mitigation through Contractor Connections! We are proud to serve Seattle and we are proud to say that we are the best!

What makes our water removal services different?


I would be happy to answer that question! its one word CONSISTENCY! We thrive off of this word. We are consistent in our work. In our billing. In our customer service. In absolutely every aspect of our business we are consistent and have been for over 20 years. Almost every company is 24/7, almost every company bills insurance directly, almost every company says they are the leaders in this and in that. At Premier water removal we are all of those things but most important we are consistent in how we handle each and every water damage and water removal job.


We never get annoyed or stressed out or lazy. We do good work, we love what we do and we are happy to help with absolutely anything concerning water damage restoration and water removal.



Here at Premier Emergency Water Removal, we specialize in all kinds of flood water damage restoration and water removal. Our technicians are certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration and mitigation. We have been serving the greater Seattle area for 20+ years and use only the most advanced drying equipment and techniques for water removal. Our goal is to make an emergency flood in your home an easy and non-invasive process. You will feel safe with our technicians in your home and we will do everything possible to provide you with great customer service, quality workmanship and most of all honesty and integrity in our communication with you.


Our company specializes in working with every insurance provider under the sun to keep the costs of water damage low for you. Water is the most destructive element on the planet and needs to be dealt with in a certain manner. You have insurance on your home so if you experience water damage then we can help! Call us first right away when you experience any sort of water damage in your home and we will come out for free and give you a free moisture analysis. You as the home owner have the right to choose a quality company that you can trust to work on your home!

Timing is everything with water removal!

The longer you wait to have flooding or water removed from your home or business,
the greater the damage and loss.
If you have water damage, flooding, or leaks in your home or business, give us a call today.

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Why Call a Water Removal company? Can’t I just dry my house myself?

Water Drop bigThere are many myths when it comes to water damage inside houses or businesses. Lets talk about a few. When you have a major water loss, or even minor many people don’t realize that their insurance policy is designed to cover these kinds of losses for water removal. Everything from washing machine leaks, dishwasher overflows, toilet back-ups, broken pipes behind walls, in crawl spaces, basements and so on. Now if your fortunate to be around when something like this happens most likely you would be able to shut off the source of the water and contain the water so that there would be minimal damage. However many times when people come across water damage it ends up being something that they didn’t notice for hours or even days.

Water Drop bigIn these situations you absolutely need a professional for water removal! The reason why is because water is one sneaky little devil. You may come across a room that is very wet due to this sort of occurrence. And you might think that you just need the water that you can see removed. But by that time the water has found every nook, cranny and crack to run into. You might have at that point a saturated sub-floor as well as water trapped in your walls and spread to adjacent rooms. When this happens you must call a professional right away, otherwise that trapped water inside the walls and under the floor will grow bacteria and before you know it you will have mold issues.

Water Drop bigMold is very dangerous and occurs more often than you might think. A professional company like Premier Water Damage Restoration is able to use very unique techniques that allow us to dry all the surfaces of your home without doing a lot of demolition. We have equipment that will save those expensive hardwood floors or that carpet that you just installed. Ok now that we have discussed the seriousness of water removal lets discuss how important time is. Your first instinct as home owner or business owner might be to try and dry your dwelling by yourself. While this is very ambitious and is understood in serious water loss situations unless you have the kind of drying equipment, meters and techniques of a professional water removal company your actually going to cause more damage. By waiting and not calling right away the water will change from a clean water to a bacteria filled water. Water is broken into 3 categories.

Water Drop bigCategory 1 is clean water, like drinking water, if the loss occurs from a clean source and is dealt with right away %90 of your house can be dried in place. Category 2 is water that contains some harmful contaminates. Water that might make you sick if you were to drink it but would not be considered life threatening if consumed. This loss if dealt with asap can also be treated in a way where most of your home can be dried in place. Category 3 is water that comes from an un sanitary place such as the toilet. However category 1 and 2 water becomes category 3 in 3-5 days. Because as water sits it collects bacteria and clean water becomes dangerous in just a few days. When there is a category 3 loss in a home or business then absolutely every pour-us material, Sheet rock, wood, carpet, pad and so on MUST be removed from the home or business. Resulting in a lot of unwanted demolition work to your home or business! That’s why professional water removal is so important! So the sooner you swallow your pride and call a professional the more money you will save in the long run! Make sure you call Premier Emergency Water Removal!

Water removal is not something that should be done with a shop vac or a home vacuum It’s important to understand the process of water removal to your home. Don’t try to preform water removal without the help of a professional.