The keys to drying hardwood floors – Seattle

drying hardwood floors

How to dry hardwood floors after a flood.

Hardwood Floors add character and value to a home. If a burst pipe, heavy rainfall or sewer backup sends water into your home, you need to act quickly to save this precious feature.  Depending on the amount of water, it may be critical to call professionals right away. Drying hardwood Floors is often not a DIY project. In the Seattle Area, Premier, is the Business to contact 24/7.

First, we will extract the water using professional water extraction equipment.  Once we remove the water, we locate moisture that may be lurking under your damp hardwood using our specialized moisture detection equipment. We then mark the areas using low-tack labels that will not cause damage to your wet hardwood floors.

After finding where water needs to be removed, we install hardwood drying mats and let them get to work. The Injectidry system uses negative air flow to create suction that pulls water out of your hardwood flooring, thoroughly drying the area. This can help us reverse cupping and avoid warping, staining and other damage to your valuable hardwood floors. By ensuring that all invading water is completely removed, our hardwood floor drying can prevent damage that could otherwise mean that you would have to replace the flooring in your Seattle home.

By removing the water quickly, Premiere can ensure that your wet hardwood flooring is dry and good as new, saving you the headache and cost of replacement.

Premier is available for emergency water removal and drying hardwood floors in Seattle and the surrounding areas seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our highly trained staff is ready to move when you need them. Contact us for an assessment and an estimate anytime, day or night.

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