What Is Involved in a Complete Structural Dry-out?

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Throughout the nation, flooding is the most costly and destructive type of disaster. In the Seattle area, we are vulnerable to three different natural flooding hazards: coastal flooding, flooding from creeks and rivers and urban flooding that overwhelms the city’s drainage system. Individual houses can also fall victim from flooding due to broken pipes, leaking washing machines, broken water heaters and other issues. In severe cases, a complete structural dry-out is required to prevent permanent damage.

Why basic cleanup is not always enough.

Soft surfaces like carpet can absorb water almost on contact. Within hours, it can seep into and behind drywall. Water can fall down into and beneath subfloors. If flooding lasts several days, it can even soak into less porous materials such as cement.

How is a complete structural dry-out performed?

This is a multistep process that may take a number of days to be complete. First, water is extracted. Specialty wall and floor drying systems are used to ensure that all water is removed from behind and beneath surfaces.

In some cases, portions of baseboard and drywall will need to be removed. This is necessary to completely remove moisture from behind walls. If the water is allowed to remain, it can gradually break down the building materials, leading to a loss of structural integrity. Water in these closed-off areas are also the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. When these get into your house, they can lead to serious issues with air quality.

Specialty drying mats are used with the Injectidry system to remove all water from beneath floors. The system pulls air out using a suction technique known as negative air.

Laminar air movers ensure that water does not escape into the air. They dry areas in the house and behind the walls to ensure that all water is completely removed

By using a combination of extraction, evaporation and dehumidifying equipment and methods, we can ensure that all water has been removed from the structure. This can prevent cupping in floors, degradation of drywall and growth of harmful organisms.

If you have severe flooding in your home, do not try to go it alone. There is a wide array of equipment and knowledge that the average homeowner just does not have access to. By trusting your complete structural dry-out to our trained professionals, you can ensure that the job is done completely and done right. We are available to offer free assessments twenty-four hours a day. If your home is flooded, the sooner you call, the sooner you will be on your way to removing all water and preventing long term damage. Call today.

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