Is Your Water Heater a Ticking Time Bomb?


Often, we do not think much about our major appliances before they cause us trouble. Our water heaters stay hidden in closets or basements, faithfully heating water — until the day they don’t. Leaking water heaters are one of the major causes to costly flood damage in the home. Is yours a risk? Read on to learn the signs that your water heater may be a danger.

The tank is old.

Water heaters are designed to last for many years, but they do eventually wear out. A water heater will typically last between six to eight years for gas models and eight to ten years for electric. If your water heater is older than that, it may be time to start budgeting for a new one. Not sure how old your tank is? You can decode its age from the serial number. The letter at the front corresponds with the month of the year. So, if that number is D, your water heater was made in April, the fourth month. The next two numbers are the year; so, D08 would indicate a water heater made in April, 2008.

You see visible rust.

Older tanks can have rust and corrosion that start to threaten their integrity. If you can see rust or corrosion, changes are good that it is going through the tank. This can cause flooding throughout your house that may require the services of a water removal company.

The drain valve is faulty.

The drain valve is located by the bottom of your water heater. It looks a lot like a hose spigot. Often, this is a part that can become damaged and wear out over time. If the area looks corroded or you see a small puddle near the bottom of your water heater, the drain valve may be to blame. It is important to get this part replaced by a plumber as soon as possible to avoid water damage and flooding.

You hear banging or popping sounds.

Mineral deposits can build up inside your water heater. When this happens, it can cause the drain valve to become clogged or can contribute to metal fatigue. Over time, both can make it more likely that your water heater will leak.

The water heater connections look worn.

If you see leaking or ruse at the connections, this is a sure sing that corrosion is leading to water heater failure. When the connections fail, leaks become inevitable.

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